Things to do in Staffordshire 

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Staffordshire is a gem in the heartland of England, with wild walking and swimming to be had, gentle country strolls, culture, and many family activities. The perfect county for both freeing adventures and relaxing staycations. 

wedgwood pottery

World of Wedgwood 

Wedgwood is one of the most prestigious ceramic makers in the world. For more than two and half centuries their ornate, classically styled fine stone and earthenware has been popular with royalty and the good and the great. Their latest collection “Bridgerton” brings to light Wedgwood’s influence on the distinct colour palette of the hit Netflix series. The World of Wedgwood is a great day out for all ages. A celebration of English crafts—with exhibitions, factory tours, shopping, creative experiences, and dining. 

uttoxeter racecourse

Uttoxeter Racecourse 

There’s something timeless about a day at the races. If you haven’t experienced it, the excitement and buzz is electric. Uttoxeter Racecourse is one of the most established and respected courses in the Midlands and attracts thousands to year-round races and events. The biggest is the Midlands Grand National, a national hunt race first hosted in 1969. In prestige and size, it’s second only to the Grand National at Aintree. Many famous horses and jockeys have started here and gone on to huge success. Visiting Uttoxeter Racecourse is great fun, and an integral part of both Midlands and British culture. 


Nelsons gin distillery

Nelson’s Distillery & Gin School 

The craft spirit industry has exploded in the last few years, with all manner of poetically branded gins, whiskies, and liquors for sale. In such a busy market, standing out is hard work. This is where Nelson’s Distillery has done so well. Fending off the competition with memorable branding, refinement, and true expertise. On the back of their success, they’ve opened a popular gin school, offering half day gin making courses. The best part (obviously) is you get to drink gin during the course and take some gin home with you. Long live gin. 

Alton Towers

Alton Towers

The undisputed king of British theme parks. For decades Alton Towers has been a thrill seeker rite of passage. With pilgrims travelling from all over the country to test themselves on the latest adrenaline inducing rides. The most famous of which is the iconic Nemesis, a four-inversion roller coaster. One of the first of its kind to be built outside of the USA. However, Alton Towers isn’t just for adrenaline junkies. There’s an entire land of attractions and rides, with vibrant colours and themes—including water rides and kids shows. Alton Towers is, easily, one of the best family days out to be had in the UK.

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staffordshire potteries

The Potteries 

This name refers to a collection of industrial towns in Staffordshire; Burslem, Fenton, Hanley, Longton, Stoke, and Tunstall—famous for their contributions to ceramics. These towns all form part of Stoke-on-Trent, now known as the world capital of ceramics, and the spiritual home of pottery in England. Here you’ll find renowned ceramics shops, galleries, and studios – including Emma Bridgewater and Wedgwood. It’s an enriching cultural experience to see all the old pottery buildings, bottle ovens, and evidence of historic craft. It’s also brilliant to know there are potteries still going strong here and creating beautiful homewares and artistic pieces for the 21st Century.

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peak district

Peak District 

There’s a famous shot in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, where Elizabeth Bennett (played by Jennifer Ehle) stands on a rocky outcrop gazing over a moody and desolate rural landscape. An attractive bit of cinematography filmed at Stanage Edge in the Peak District. The Peak District is an untamed place of lonesome moor, river valleys, and tumultuous green fields. It’s a walker’s paradise and offers some of the best views and most secluded treks to be found anywhere in the country. It’s also a wild swimmer’s haven, with many a refreshing dip to be braved. It’s the type of place you lose yourself for a day, taking with you a sense of adventure and a picnic. 

monkey forest

Trentham -- Shopping Village & Monkey Forest 

Sometimes we all need a little retail therapy, and Trentham Shopping Village is just the place. Here you’ll find big name shops of all descriptions, including clothing, homewares, jewellery, and restaurants—with 83 outlets in total. More than enough to keep you busy for an afternoon. Of course, children aren’t fussed about shopping trips. But fear not, because there’s also Trentham Monkey Forest. This is a unique attraction, and a fascinating insight into the lives of our primate cousins. Unlike a zoo, the monkeys here roam free and go about their business—so children get to see them acting as they might in the wild. Additionally, there are hourly feeding sessions and talks—where monkey antics are bound to ensue. You can be sure for some laughs and time well spent. 

walks in stafford

Dog & Doublet Walk 

What’s the best kind of walk? The kind that ends with a beer garden and some wonderful food. The Dog & Doublet Walk is a moderate one, with varied scenery—including beautiful open parkland and a section of quintessentially English canal— think trees swaying in the breeze, their bows over gentle waters. It’s a lovely ramble, in some of England’s finest countryside and goes hand in hand with the full Dog & Doublet experience. 

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