Our History 1906-2010

During the 1700s fairs travelled the villages of England to ply their trade. A showman with one such fair arrived in Sandon with a performing dog dressed in a doublet.

The fair stopped at the then “Crown” public house now known as Sandon Lodge. The dogs performance was so impressive that the villagers decided to rename the pub and alter the pubs sign to portray said dog suitably attired. The Crown was then known as The Dog and Doublet.

After the great fire at Sandon Hall (6th June 1848) the Earl of Harrowby and his family moved into The Dog and Doublet where a large extension was built onto the south end to accommodate them whilst the new Sandon Hall was built. It was while Lord Harrowby stayed at The Dog and Doublet that the pub closed and the sign was taken down on 7th November 1850 and hung outside the then Packhorse Inn thus being renamed The Dog and Doublet.

The Packhorse (Dog and Doublet) stood opposite School Lane where the now Sandon and district war memorial stands. In 1904 Lord Harrowby decided to remodel the village square and with the then much acclaimed architect Sir Guy Dawber MA it was decided to demolish the old Packhorse and build a new Dog and Doublet public house further back to allow for new cottages to be built next to the new pub.

Upon leaving church one Sunday morning Lord Harrowby decided to view the progress of the new cottages and public house under construction, he was dismayed to find some of the builders drinking alcohol as the old Packhorse was still open for business at the time. He vowed that the new Dog and Doublet would not be open on Sundays.

The new Dog and Doublet remained on a six day licence until 1990 when a seven day licence was granted.

When the Dog and Doublet opened in 1906 the old Packhorse was demolished and the site partially grassed to form the village green.

Licencees 1906 – present

  • 1906-1916 Thomas George Woodfield
  • 1916-1924 H Tomlinson
  • 1924-1935 George Alex Kerr
  • 1935-1949 John Large
  • 1949-1964 Ken Clowes
  • 1964-1967 Ivor Davies
  • 1967-1976 Eric Wallace
  • 1976-1978 Geoff Threadgold
  • 1978-1984 Neil Franklin
  • 1984-1988 Robert Young
  • 1988-2004 Steven Wilson
  • 2004-2010 Privilege Inns
  • 2010 – The Lewis Partnership